• Registered guests only.
  • No lifeguard on duty. Enjoy swimming and always be careful.
  • Use toilet and shower before swimming.
  • Proper swim attire must be worn.
  • Dangerous practices are prohibited.
  • Guests must not run on decks; climb, sit or jump from fences; dive in shallow water; dunk, push, pull or splash swimmers. Back jumps, twisting and flips are not permitted at any time.
  • Be aware of the depth markings at all times.
  • No glass or breakable containers, hazardous and sharp metal objects allowed in the pool.
  • All children of all ages must be strictly accompanied by parents or an adult.
  • No smoking except in designated areas.
  • Spitting, spouting water, or blowing of nose in the pool is prohibited.
  • Toddlers will not be allowed to wander around the pool deck or sit on the edge of the pool unless accompanied by parents.
  • Your protection is our ultimate concern, please avoid going to the pool if you have open wounds.
  • Emergency procedures must be observed. Swimmers must leave the pool immediately upon the signal of the resort In-Charge.
  • Walk at all times! Do not run!

Have Fun – and please observe our Pool Rules.


– Please bring your own towels and toiletries to the resort.
– There are no utensils available in the resort.
– There are available cooking wares in the resort (rice cooker, induction cooker, griller, water dispenser, ref) – P1,000 all-in charge