Villa 2 Frequently Asked Questions

About The Villa 2

How much is the rate of the villa?

The reservation of the whole villa is 35K.

What types of rooms are available?

We have 2 Master Bedrooms (with bathroom), and 5 Deluxe Rooms which can accommodate around 30 people and up to 35 with the use of mattresses and tents (corresponding charges may apply). There are also common bathrooms around the villa.

What kind of bed is used in the rooms?

Uratex beds are used in all rooms to assure that guests get a good night sleep.

What is the configuration of the rooms?

Room 1 Connecting Rooms : 1 queen size bed another bed with pull out with own bathroom

Room 2 : 1 queen size with pull out

Room 3 : 2 bunk beds

Room 4 : 1 queen size with pull out

Room 5 Connecting Rooms : 1 queen size bed another bed with pull out with own bathroom

How many toilet and bath (T&B) facilities are there in the villa?

2 public showers, T&B for Men, T&B for Women, Bedroom 1 and 5 with T&B

How big is Villa 2?

Our Villa 2 is 500 sqm.

What is the size of the pool?

Our villa 2 pool size is 8×16 meters.

Resort Policies

What is the check in and check out schedule?

For a 22 hour stay, check in is 2pm and check out is 12pm the next day.


What if we go beyond the reservation, how much is the extension fee?

Per Hour Extension =  1,500 pesos

and subject for availability

Can we bring our own food?

As of the moment, yes you can!

Can we cook our own meals?

Yes. Guests have access to dining and kitchen Space where they can cook their own meals.

What if we don’t bring our own food?

Fortunately, there are stores near the resort where you can buy food!

Are pets allowed?

Due to Allergen and Sanitation purposes, we will restrict the bringing of dogs or
any pets until further notice.


Will there be towels and toiletries available?

No towels, soap and shampoo. Please don’t forget to bring your own toiletries.

What are the other available amenities in the resort?

65″ TV, state-of-the-art KTV audio and video surround systems, white sand area, poker table, 3 Patented Huge California Beach Waterfalls.

What are the kitchen wares available?

Rice cooker, fridge, induction cooker, griller, water dispenser (separate fee for use).

What about parking?

We have free parking on premises.

How many cars can fit in the parking area?

8 cars regular + 10 at the back

What about provisions for safety?

We have first aid kit,smoke detectors and fire extinguisher.

General Questions

What is the exact address of the resort?

California Beach, Purok 1, National Highway, Pansol, Calamba City, Laguna.

Go To Waze

Are there nearby hospitals?

1. Calamba Doctors Hospital (10 min. away)

2. Pamana Medical Center (5 min. away)

3. Dr. Jose P. Rizal Memorial Provincial District Hospital (5 min. away)

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Calibeach Pizza

Calibeach Pizza

Cali Beach Pizza

Cheesy Jalapeño

Four Cheese

Pasta Linguine

Pasta Linguine




Seafood Pasta

All Day Breakfast

All Day Breakfast

Cali Fried Chicken

Angus Beef Tapa

Breaded Shrimp Tempura

All Day Breakfast

Cali Fried Chicken

Angus Beef Tapa

Breaded Shrimp Tempura

Desserts & Drinks

Desserts & Drinks

Blue Berry Pie

Creme Brulee

Root/Real Beer Float

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